This index of early Forum articles is provided to give the reader an idea of what the journal was like in its first years of publication.


THE FORUM, March 1886, v.1,no.1
Science and the State, ALEXANDER WINCHELL, 1-14
Newspapers Gone to Seed, James Parton, 15-24
Domestic Service, EDWIN P. WHIPPLE, 25-36
Is Romanism a Baptised Paganism? R. HEBER NEWTON, 37-54
How I Was Educated, EDWARD E. HALE, 55-63
Vulcan, or Mother Earth? A. CLEVELAND COXE, 64-74
The Coming Man, WILLIAM A. HAMMOND, 75-82
My Religious Experience, M. J. SAVAGE, 83-95
Shall Our Laws Be Enforced? HOWARD CROSBY, 96-103

THE FORUM, April 1886, v.1,no.2
The Child and the State, DAVID DUDLEY FIELD, 105-113
An Employer’s View of the Labor Question, ANDREW CARNEGIE, 114-25
The Negro in the South, NOAH K. DAVIS, 126-135
Shall an Eight-Hour System Be Adopted? GEORGE GUNTON, 136-148
Florida, GAIL HAMILTON, 149-160
What the Roman Catholics Want, THOMAS S. PRESTON, 161-171
The Interviewer, O. B. FROTHINGHAM, 183-190
Our Boys on Sunday, ELIZABETH CADY STANTON, 191-198
The Ideal Church, DAVID SWING, 199-208

THE FORUM, May 1886, v.1,no.3
The Experiment of Popular Government, CHARLES CONGDON, 209-17
How I Was Educated, F. A. P. BARNARD, 218-227
Would We Do It Again? EDWARD CARY, 228-234
The Future of Arctic Exploration, A. W. GREELY, 235-245
Victor Hugo as a Citizen, JAMES PARTON, 246-260
Do We Need a Metallic Currency? JOHN F. HUME, 261-272
Cremation, Nevertheless, JOHN W. CHADWICK, 273-283
Contemporary Supernaturalism, MONCURE D. CONWAY, 284-293
What Rights Have Laborers? Pt 1, W. A. CROFFUT, 294-296
What Rights Have Laborers? Pt 2, LOUIS F. POST, 296-298
What Rights Have Laborers? Pt 3, W. A. CROFFUT, 298-301
What Rights Have Laborers? Pt 4, LOUIS F. POST, 302-305
What Rights Have Laborers? Pt 5, W. A. CROFFUT, 305-306

THE FORUM, June 1886, v1,no.4
Arbitration in Labor Disputes, THOMAS M. COOLEY, 307-313
From Puritanism—Whither? F. D. HUNTINGTON, 314-326
The Limit of Speed in Ocean Travel, R. H. THURSTON, 327-336
How I Was Educated, JOHN H. VINCENT, 337-347
Mischievous Philanthropy, SIMON NEWCOMB, 348-357
The Persistence of the Keely Motor, PARK BENJAMIN, 358-368
The Evolution of the Boycott, WILLIAM A. HAMMOND, 369-376
The Psychical Wave, ELIZABETH STUART PHELPS, 377-388
The Future of Sunday Journalism, JULIUS H. WARD, 389-398
Something More About Domestic Service, ANNA MCMAHAN, 399-408

THE FORUM, July 1886, v1,no.5
Are We in Danger of Revolution? J. L. SPALDING, 406-415
Confessions of an Episcopalian, 416-426
Should the State Teach Religion? JULIUS H. SEELYE, 427-433
Some Experiences with Criminals, W. M. F. ROUND, 434-444
Shall We Muzzle the Anarchists? H. C. ADAMS, 445-454
Woman’s Duty to Woman, ELLA C. LAPHAM, 455-467
Is Labor a Commodity? WASHINGTON GLADDEN, 468-476
The Manuscript Market, JUNIUS HENRY BROWNE, 477-485
Facts About Civil Service Reform, GEORGE WALTON GREEN, 486-494
Should Foreign Authors Be Protected? Pt 1, GEORGE LATHROP, 495-500
Should Foreign Authors Be Protected? Pt 2, ROGER SHERMAN, 500-505

THE FORUM, August 1886, v.1,no.6
The Revolt of the Majority, GEORGE BACHELOR, 507-517
Confessions of a Roman Catholic, 518-528
Newspaper Espionage, JOSEPH B. BISHOP, 529-537
Results of the Labor Struggle, ANDREW CARNEGIE, 538-551
How I Was Educated, W. T. HARRIS, 552-561
Our African Contingent, EUGENE MARECHAL CAMP, 562-571
Poisons in Food and Drink, CYRUS EDSON, 572-582
What We Know About Weather, A. W. GREELY, 583-591
Jugglery in Art, EDWARD RUDOLF GARCZYNSKI, 592-602
The Total Abstinence Creed, WILLIS J. BEECHER, 603-611


THE FORUM, September 1886, v.2,no.1
Industrial War, W. G. SUMNER, 1-8
Confessions of a Baptist, 9-17
How I Was Educated, S. C. BARTLETT, 18-26
The Waste by Fire, CLIFFORD THOMPSON, 27-39
Civilization and Suicide, C. A. BARTOL, 40-48
The New York Aldermen, E. S. NADEL, 49-59
Is Life Worth Saving, CHARLES LOOMIS DANA, 60-68
Modern Smuggling, JAMES Q. HOWARD, 69-76
The Turning of the Worm, JAMES E. LEARNED, 77-86
The Temperance Trilemma, FELIX L. OSWALD, 96-103

THE FORUM, October 1886, v.2,no.2
The Convalescence of Faith, W. H. MALLOCK, 105-116
Americanisms in England, A. CLEVELAND COXE, 117-129
The Heart of Speculation, JOHN F. HUME, 130-141
College Athletic Sports, C. A. YOUNG, 142-152
Confessions of a Unitarian, 153-163
How I Was Educated, J. R. KENDRICK, 164-173
The Fisheries Dispute, WORTHINGTON C. FORD, 174-181
Shall Sunday Be Preserved? NEWMAN SMYTH, 182-189
The Tramps and the Law, SAMUEL LEAVITT, 190-200
Are Women Paid Fairly? Pt 1, LILLIE DEVEREUX BLAKE, 201-202
Are Women Paid Fairly? Pt 2, VAN BUREN DENSLOW, 203-206
Are Women Paid Fairly? Pt 3, LILLIE DEVEREUX BLAKE, 206-208
Are Women Paid Fairly? Pt 4, VAN BUREN DENSLOW, 208-210
Are Women Paid Fairly? Pt 5, LILLIE DEVEREUX BLAKE, 210-211

THE FORUM, November 1886, v.2,no.3
Our Political Methods, DAVID DUDLEY FIELD, 213-222
Recent Navel Progress, WOODS PASHA, 223-231
Prohibition, So-Called, LEONARD WOOLSEY BACON, 232-242
The Restoration of Silver, R. P. BLAND, 243-249
How I Was Educated, TIMOTHY DWIGHT, 250-261
The State and the Criminal, Z. R. BROCKWAY, 262-272
Oil on the Waters, R. H. THURSTON, 273-283
Confessions of a Skeptic, 284-292
The Hundred Authors, F. H. HEDGE, 293-298
English and American Fire Services, HENRY D. PURROY, 299-307
Industrial Necessities, CARROLL D. WRIGHT, 308-315

THE FORUM, December 1886, v.2,no.4
The Present Outlook for Christianity, W. S. LILLY, 317-328
How I Was Educated, E. G. ROBINSON, 329-339
Broadening the way to Success, LESTER F. WARD, 340-350
Woman’s Legal Right to the Ballot, FRANCIS MINOR, 351-360
About Wills and Testaments, EDWARD A. THOMAS, 361-369
The Cause of Earthquakes, J. W. POWELL, 370-391
An Interviewer on Interviewing, PHILIP G. HUBERT, JR., 392-400
The Alternative of Prohibition, LEONARD WOOLSEY BACON, 401-410
Confessions of a Methodist, 411-419
A Letter to the People of New York, HOWARD CROSBY, 420-428

THE FORUM, January 1887, v.2,no.5
National Divorce Legislation, EDMUND H. BENNETT, 429-438
Unsolved Problems in Woman Suffrage, THOMAS HIGGINSON, 439-49
How I Was Educated, JAMES B. ANGELL, 450-459
The Religion of a Rationalist, M. J. SAVAGE, 450-469
Submarine Navigation, Edmund L. ZALINSKI, 470-483
The Convict System of Georgia, REBECCA A. FELTON, 484-490
Substitutes for the Caucus, R. H. DANA 491-501
The Morality of Ministers, J. M. BUCKLEY, 502-514
Literary Log-Rolling, J. CLAYTON ADAMS, 515-522
Confessions of a Congregationalist, 523-531
A Letter to the People of Philadelphia, HENRY C. LEA, 532-538

THE FORUM, February 1887, v.2,no.6
Overgrown City Government, JAMES PARTON, 539-548
The Use and Abuse of Wealth, LESTER F. WARD 549-558
How I Was Educated, ANDREW D. WHITE, 559-573
The Needs of New York Harbor, H. C. TAYLOR, 574-582
Faith and Physical Science, W. H. MALLOCK, 583-591
The Future of the Minority, GEORGE BACHELOR, 592-598
Religious Exercises in State Schools, NOAH K. DAVIS, 599-607
The Reproach of Mourning, J. MACDONALD OXLEY, 608-614
Why We Have No Great Novelists, HJALMAR H. BOYESEN, 615-622
The Crusade Against the Saloon, A. J. F. BEHRENDS, 623-627
Evils of Indirect Taxation, JOHN RANDOLPH TUCKER, 628-636
Index to the Second Volume of THE FORUM, 637-639


THE FORUM, March 1887, v.3,no.1
The Future of Christianity, ST. GEORGE MIVART, 1-14
Henry George’s Economic Heresies, GEORGE GUNTON, 15-28
Books That Have Helped Me, EDWARD K. HALE, 29-38
The Effectiveness of Prohibition, NEAL DOW, 39-49
Labor Organizations, RICHARD T. ELY, 50-58
The Tyranny of Fashion, E. LYNN LINTON, 59-68
Mysterious Disappearances, WILLIAM A. HAMMOND, 69-76
Confessions of a Universalist, 77-88
The Sea-Serpent Myth, THEODORE GILL, 89-95
Standing Room Only, THOMAS W. KNOX, 96-101
Shall the Jury System Be Retained? EDWARD A. THOMAS, 102-110

THE FORUM, April 1887, v.3,no.2
Manual Training in Public Schools, THOMAS DAVIDSON, 111-121
Socialism and Unsocialism, WASHINGTON GLADDEN, 122-130
Woman Suffrage Problems Considered, HENRY B. BLACKWELL, 131-41
Books That Have Helped Me, WILLIAM T. HARRIS, 142-151
Do We Need Prohibition? JOHN SNYDER, 152-160
Remedies for Municipal Misgovernment, AMOS K. FISKE, 170-177
The Hydrophobia Bugbear, EDWARD C. SPITZKA, 178-186
Practical Uses for the Balloon, SAMUEL A. KING, 187-198
Confessions of a Quaker, 199-208
The Reality of the Sea-Serpent, RICHARD A. PROCTOR, 209-218

THE FORUM, May 1887, v.3,no.3
Marriage Laws, EDMUND H. BENNETT, 219-229
The Socialists, FRANCIS A. WALKER, 230-242
College Fraternities, ANDREW D. WHITE, 243-253
The Indians in 1887, W. G. SUMNER 254-262
Books That Have Helped Me, JOHN BASCOM, 263-272
Our Religious Instincts, JAMES T. BIXBY, 273-283
The Attitude of Russia, CYRUS HAMLIN, 284-295
A New Executive Department, WILLIAM FARRAR SMITH, 296-304
The Natural Gas Supply, N. S. SHALER, 305-312
Dress and Undress, JULIA WARD HOWE 313-320
Dining-Hall Mendicancy, JAMES Q. HOWARD, 321-326

THE FORUM, June 1887, v.3,no.4
Is Andover Romanizing? FRANCIS L. PATTON, 327-338
Books That Have Helped Me, ANDREW LANG, 339-344
What Is the Object of Life? GEORGE J. ROMANES, 345-352
Why the Revised Version Has Failed, JOHN FULTON, 353-363
False Notions of Government, LESTER F. WARD, 364-372
On Things Social, ELIZA LYNN LINTON, 373-380
Capital Punishment, J. M. BUCKLEY, 381-391
Railway Passes and the Public, L. T. BROOKS, 392-406
The Control of the Pacific, H. C. TAYLOR, 407-416
An Evil of the Schools, EDWARD CARY, 417-422
The Form and Speed of Yachts, R. H. THURSTON, 423-431

THE FORUM, July 1887, v.3,no.5
Henry George’s Mistake About Land, W. T. HARRIS, 433-442
The Position of Canada, DAVID A. POE, 443-457
Books That Have Helped Me, A. P. PEABODY, 458-465
What Is the Object of Life? GRANT ALLEN, 466-472
Is Princeton Humanizing? NEWMAN SMYTH, 473-482
Relation: The Ultimate Truth, MARY PARMELE, 483-491
Laughter, ST. GEORGE MIVART, 492-502
The Infliction of the Death Penalty, BENJAMIN PARK, 503-512
Tenement-House Morality, J. O. S. HUNTINGTON, 513-522
Race Prejudice at Summer Resorts, ALICE HYNEMAN RHINE, 523-531
Dangers of Unrestricted Immigration, HJALMAR H. BOYESEN, 532-542

THE FORUM, August 1887, v.3,no.6
The Return of the Republican Party, J. B. FORAKER, 543-558
Has Ireland a Grievance? BRAMWELL, 559-567
The Forgotten Cause of Poverty, HOWARD CROSBY, 568-577
Books That Have Helped Me, EDWARD EGGLESTON, 478-586
An Outside View of Revivals, C. C. EVERETT, 587-594
What Is the Object of Life? W. H. MALLOCK, 595-603
The Choice of an Occupation, EDWARD E. HALE, 604-612
Alcohol in High Latitudes, A. W. GREELY, 613-621
Why We Have No Great Artists, JOHN D. CHAMPLIN, JR., 621-630
The Progress of Co-Education, CHARLES F. DEEMS, 631-637
Conditions of Industrial Peace, RICHARD T. ELY, 638-644
Index to the Third Volume of THE FORUM, 645-647


THE FORUM, September 1887, v.4,no.1
The Sixteenth Amendment, JOHN JAMES INGALLS, 1-13
Is Canada Misgoverned? THOMAS WHITE, 14-28
Books That Have Helped Me, AUGUSTUS JESSOPP, 29-37
What Is the Object of Life? E. D. COPE, 49-57
The Manners of Critics, ANDREW LANG, 58-66
American Geographical Names, A. CLEVELAND COXE, 67-77
Great Telescopes, C. A. YOUNG, 78-86
The Gist of the Labor Question, JOHN BASCOM, 87-95
Profit-Sharing, NICHOLAS P. GILMAN, 96-104
Ignatius Donnelly’s Comet, ALEXANDER WINCHELL, 105-115

THE FORUM, October 1887, v.4,no.2
The Continuance of Democratic Rule, JOHN G. CARLISLE, 117-132
Education and Lawlessness, F. D. HUNTINGTON, 133-142
The Treasury Surplus, WILLIAM D. KELLY, 143-155
Aristocracy and Humanity, THOMAS DAVIDSON, 156-165
Queen Victoria’s Reign, WOLSELEY, 166-176
The Anathema of the Roman Church, E. J. V. HUIGINN, 177-189
Is America Europeanizing? J. COLEMAN ADAMS, 190-200
What Is the Object of Life? J. P. LESLIE, 201-206
Books That Have Helped Me, JEANNETTE LEONARD GILDER, 207-212
Ousting Shakespeare, RICHARD A. PROCTOR, 213-220
The New Uncle Tom’s Cabin, ALICE WELLINGTON ROLLINS, 221-227

THE FORUM, November 1887, v.4,no.3
Warfare Against Society, F. A. P. BARNARD, 229-241
Should fortunes Be Limited? EDWARD T. PETERS, 242-252
The Use and Abuse of the Veto Power, JOHN D. LONG, 253-267
Is the Negro Vote Suppressed? ALFRED H. COLQUITT, 268-278
The Panama Canal from Within, GEORGE C. HURLBUT, 279-289
Shall Utah Become a State? GEORGE TICKNOR CURTIS, 290-298
Christianity and Communism, HENRY VAN DYKE, 299-306
What Is the Object of Life? W. S. LILLY, 207-313
Books That Have Helped Me, BRANDER MATTHEWS, 314-322
Avoidable Dangers of the Ocean, V. L. COTTMAN, 323-331
Caterpillar Critics, JAMES LANE ALLEN, 332-341

THE FORUM, December 1887, v.4,no.4
A Review of the Fisheries Question, FREEMAN SNOW, 343-356
The Western View of the Tariff, JOHN A KASSON, 357-366
Refunding the Public Debt, HENRY C. ADAMS, 367-375
The Nullifiers of the Constitution, MURAT HALSTEAD, 376-387
Books That Have Helped Me, THOMAS HILL, 388-396
Irish Agitation in America, A. LAWRENCE LOWELL, 397-407
Arguments for the Unseen, H. W. PARKER, 408-416
The Issue Next Year, JAMES PARTON, 417-423
College Disturbances, S. C. BARTLETT, 424-431
Woman and the Temperance Question, FRANCIS WILLARD, 432-40
Communication at Sea, PARK BENJAMIN, 441-449

THE FORUM, January, 1888, v.4,no.5
The Debt of the Old World to the New, EDWARD A FREEMAN, 451-459
What Shall the Public Schools Teach? M. J. SAVAGE, 460-471
The Admission of Utah, HENRY L. DAWES, 472-483
Shall We Call Him Master, J. P. LESLIE, 484-496
International Legal Tender, MARLBOROUGH, 497-508
Concerning Women, GEORGE J. ROMANES, 509-518
Defects in Our Consular Service, PERRY BELMONT, 519-526
The Congestion of Cities, EDWARD E. HALE, 527-535
Books That Have Helped Me, MONCURE D. CONWAY, 536-544
Should the Churches Be Free? ARTHUR TAPPAN PIERSON, 545-552
Mr. Gladstone’s Claims to Greatness, DICKINSON S. MILLER, 553-560

THE FORUM, February 1888, v.4,no.6
The Government and the Telegraph, SHELBY M. CULLOM, 561-572
What Shall the Public Schools Teach? WILLIAM T. HARRIS, 573-581
How Protection Protects, WILLIAM D. KELLY, 582-594
The Sky, JOHN TYNDALL, 595-603
Books That Have Helped Me, ROBERT C. PITMAN, 604-611
The Mechanism of the Singing Voice, AUSTIN FLINT, 612-622
My Religious Experience, THOMAS S. PRESTON, 623-633
The Torrid Zone of Our Politics, MURAT HALSTEAD, 634-643
Bribery and Its Near Relatives, C. A. BARTOL, 644-651
The Cause of Irish Discontent, JULIAN STURGIS, 652-662
Impediments to Our Domestic Commerce, DARIUS LYMAN, 663-672
Index to the Fourth Volume of THE FORUM, 673-675


THE FORUM, March 1888, v.5,no.1
Our Political Prospects, JULIUS H. SEELYE, 1-6
Hindrances to Surplus Reduction, WILLIAM M. SPRINGER, 7-15
Is Our Social Life Threatened? J. L. SPAULDING, 16-26
The Recoil of Piracy, HENRY HOLT, 27-46
What Shall the Public Schools Teach? C. H. PARKHURST, 47-56
The Profitable Reading of Fiction, THOMAS HARDY, 57-70
Scotland Today, JOHN STUART BLACKIE, 71-78
Who Is Benefited by Protection? WILLIAM R. MORRISON, 79-89
Woman’s Mental Status, D. P. LIVERMORE, 90-98
The Ratio of News, HENRY R. ELLIOT, 99-107
From Rome to Protestantism, EUGENE J. V. HUIGINN, 108-119

THE FORUM, April 1888, v.5,no.2
Civil Government and the Papacy, EMILE DE LAVELEYE, 121-133
The Hysteria of Sectional Agitation, HENRY WATTERSON, 134-145
What Shall the Public Schools Teach? AUSTIN FLINT, 146-155
The Union of English-Speaking Peoples, JOHN CHAMPLIN, JR., 156-65
Cerebral Localization, C. E. BROWN-SÉQUARD, 166-177
The Dawn of Electricity, PARK BENJAMIN, 178-191
Creed, Craft, and Cure, MEREDITH CLYMER, 92-206
The Tenement-House Problem, ALICE WELLINGTON ROLLINS, 207-215
Socialism and the Catholic Church, THOMAS S. PRESTON, 216-225
The Element of Life in Fiction, EDWARD P. ROE, 226-236
Could Mr. Blaine Carry New York? JOHN FOORD, 237-246

THE FORUM, May 1888, v.5,no.3
Miscarriages of Justice, GEORGE C. BARRETT, 247-259
Obstacles to Good City Government, SETH LOW, 260-266
Appropriations for Public Works, SHELBY M. CULLOM, 267-280
Objections to High License, LEONARD WOOLSEY BACON, 281-288
What Shall the Public Schools Teach? ROBERT C. PITMAN, 289-298
National Control of Railways, FREDERIC TAYLOR, 299-319
Church and State in Utah, C. E. DUTTON, 320-330
Irish Landlordism, MICHAEL DAVITT, 331-340
Steam and Its Rivals, R. H. THURSTON, 341-352
The Pains of Fear, E. LYNN LINTON, 353-360
Temporal Power and the Papacy, FRANCIS SILAS CHATARD, 360-370

THE FORUM, June 1888, v.5,no.4
The Next American University, ANDREW D. WHITE, 371-382
What Negro Supremacy Means, WADE HAMPTON, 383-395
Poverty, Sympathy, and Economics, W. H. MALLOCK, 396-405
Revolutionizing the Revenue System, WILLIAM D. KELLEY, 406-416
Changes of Level of the Great Lakes, G. K. GILBERT, 417-428
Remedies for Railway Troubles, ARTHUR T. HADLEY, 429-435
The Haste to Be Rich, HOWARD CROSBY, 436-444
A Universal Language, F. A. MARCH, 445-453
What Shall the Public Schools Teach? R. GILMOUR, 454-460
Men, Women, and Money, JULIA WARD HOWE, 461-468
Government Regulation of Railways, JAMES F. WILSON, 467-476

THE FORUM, July 1888, v.5,no.5
The Political Situation, GEORGE F. EDMUNDS, 477-487
How Can Wages Be Increased? EDWARD ATKINSON, 488-507
Our Southern Masters, WILLIAM E. CHANDLER, 508-520
English and American Manners, T. W. HIGGINSON, 521-531
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made of, MEREDITH CLYMER, 532-544
Moral Principle in Public Affairs, W. L. TRENHOLM, 545-554
Romanism and the Republic, LÉON BOULAND, 555-653
The New Battle of the Books, GEORGE PELLEW, 564-573
What Shall the Public Schools Teach? LESTER F. WARD, 574-583
The Bugbear of Trusts, HENRY WOOD, 584-590

THE FORUM, August 1888, v.5,no.6
The Trial of Popular Government, J. M. LOVE, 591-602
Must Humanity Starve at Last? EDWARD ATKINSON, 603-612
The Topography of the Brain, CHARCOT, 613-626
What Shall the Negro Do? G. W. CABLE, 627-639
Sources of National Thrift, WILLIAM D. KELLEY, 640-651690
Shall Railway Pooling Be Permitted? G. R. BLANCHARD, 652-665
Our Barbarous Funeral Customs, JOHN SNYDER, 666-672
Church Rule in Utah, CHARLES W. PENROSE, 673-681
What Shall the Public Schools Teach? S. EDWARD WARREN, 682-690
The Faith Cure Delusion, LEONARD WOOLSEY BACON, 691-698
Is Longevity Worth Its Price? FELIX L. OSWALD, 699-705